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Introduction To Metal-nanoparticle Plasmonics

RRP $268.99

Based on a popular article in Laser and Photonics Reviews, this book provides an explanation and overview of the techniques used to model, make, and measure metal nanoparticles, detailing results obtained and what they mean. It covers the properties of coupled metal nanoparticles, the nonlinear optical response of metal nanoparticles, and the phenomena that arise when light-emitting materials are coupled to metal nanoparticles. It also provides an overview of key potential applications and offers explanations of computational and experimental techniques giving readers a solid grounding in the field.

Nanocrystalline Materials: Part A

RRP $17.00

The new profile of modern hard magnetic materials is supported by the recent conjunction of the nanocrystalline state responsible for the extrinsic magnetic properties with on the one hand the existence of the two families of intermetallic compounds possessing the three intrinsic magnetic characteristics required for high performance magnets (strong uniaxial magnetocrystalline anisotropy, elevated Curie temperature, and important magnetic moment) and on the other hand the opportunities of adapting the global magnetic characteristics to the profile of specific demands.

The new generation of those remarkable alloys covers rare-earths (R = Nd, Pr, Sm) and 3dtransition metals (T = Fe, Co) alloys for the former and 3d transition metal (Fe, Co) with 4d (Pd) and 5d (Pt) transition metals for the latter. Besides the use of these alloys in many components of electromechanical and electronic devices, their high anisotropy values made these compounds prominent candidates for ultra high density recording applications due to the feasibility of smaller grains still magnetically thermally stable.

Digital Cartooning

RRP $29.95

From getting started to advanced techniques, with 70 practical exercises and projects.

  • A teach yourself practical guide to drawing cartoons on your computer, suitable for beginners as well as experienced artists.
  • Introduces all the essential computer software and equipment, such as Adobe Illustrator and Corel Painter, and animation programs Flash and Imageready.
  • Explains vector drawings and bitmap painting techniques.
  • Step-by-step projects show you how to produce computer generated effects, from creating textures and metallic surfaces to 3-D shapes and animation.
  • Features over 200 instructive and lively illustrations.

Metal Cutting Theory And Practice

RRP $435.99

A Complete Reference Covering the Latest Technology in Metal Cutting Tools, Processes, and Equipment Metal Cutting Theory and Practice, Third Edition shapes the future of material removal in new and lasting ways. Centered on metallic work materials and traditional chip-forming cutting methods, the book provides a physical understanding of conventional and high-speed machining processes applied to metallic work pieces, and serves as a basis for effective process design and troubleshooting. This latest edition of a well-known reference highlights recent developments, covers the latest research results, and reflects current areas of emphasis in industrial practice. Based on the authors' extensive automotive production experience, it covers several structural changes, and includes an extensive review of computer aided engineering (CAE) methods for process analysis and design. Providing updated material throughout, it offers insight and understanding to engineers looking to design, operate, troubleshoot, and improve high quality, cost effective metal cutting operations. The book contains extensive up-to-date references to both scientific and trade literature, and provides a description of error mapping and compensation strategies for CNC machines based on recently issued international standards, and includes chapters on cutting fluids and gear machining. The authors also offer updated information on tooling grades and practices for machining compacted graphite iron, nickel alloys, and other hard-to-machine materials, as well as a full description of minimum quantity lubrication systems, tooling, and processing practices. In addition, updated topics include machine tool types and structures, cutting tool materials and coatings, cutting mechanics and temperatures, process simulation and analysis, and tool wear from both chemical and mechanical viewpoints. Comprised of 17 chapters, this detailed study: * Describes the common machining operations used to produce specific shapes or surface characteristics * Contains conventional and advanced cutting tool technologies * Explains the properties and characteristics of tools which influence tool design or selection * Clarifies the physical mechanisms which lead to tool failure and identifies general strategies for reducing failure rates and increasing tool life * Includes common machinability criteria, tests, and indices * Breaks down the economics of machining operations * Offers an overview of the engineering aspects of MQL machining * Summarizes gear machining and finishing methods for common gear types, and more Metal Cutting Theory and Practice, Third Edition emphasizes the physical understanding and analysis for robust process design, troubleshooting, and improvement, and aids manufacturing engineering professionals, and engineering students in manufacturing engineering and machining processes programs.

The Other Martin Dempsey

RRP $18.99

If you are searching for a biography regarding the decorated and esteemed American General, Martin Dempsey, then this is not the book for you. This is a book about the life's journey of a fictional physically afflicted teenager who shares the same name. They are not related or connected in any way. If you enjoy reading about the strivings and eventual success of an underdog with all the odds stacked against him, please keep reading. On the first day of the first grade little Martin Dempsey entered a regular public school in Middletown Ohio . The class bully decided that Martin's deformities creeped him out and Martin did not belong in his school. He made a rule, "No one talks to the Freak". This book takes up the story in their senior year. Initially out of fear, then out of habit, Martin has been totally ignored and isolated by his classmates for over eleven years when a new kid arrives who challenges the bully who is still enforcing his rule. The new kid befriends Martin and causes his class to grow a conscience. Follow Martin's journey from isolation to striving for a normal life. You'll wipe tears, laugh, and cheer before the book ends.


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